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This allows them to compress under your body while also decreasing motion transfer. The second coil layer forms the mattress’ support core, and is either 4.5 or 7.5 inches depending on the profile you select. This layer uses hefty 13-gauge springs that are bolstered by a high-density foam encasement around the perimeter to give you better edge support. 16-inch ultra-premium quality innerspring mattress hand built with a two-sided EuroTop design and a very soft feel. 12.5-inch ultra-premium quality innerspring mattress hand built with a two-sided design and medium feel.

床褥 is usually made of fiber or mesh and is intended to keep the middle upholstery in place. With my eyes closed I only try to feel how they dream.” ― Munia Khan ― Do you know how old is your pillow? As the sun rises every day, the birds sing each morning, and cool dew refreshes the air; mother nature has a pattern of rest and renewal.

The plush pillow top adds a luxe hotel-like feel to a relatively firm bed too. (He tried the Luxury Firm, but there are three other choices.) However, he is a stomach and back sleeper; his partner, who is often a side sleeper, found it a little too firm. There are many factors to consider when choosing a new mattress. Some people prefer a softer mattress that contours closely to the body, while others enjoy firmer mattresses that provide sturdy support. Your ideal firmness will likely depend on your body type and preferred sleep position. If you share your bed with someone who has different firmness preferences, then a dual-firmness mattress with a different feel on each side may be most suitable.


The Bear original has a nice firmness that feels very supportive and comfortable. If your mattress is too firm, you might experience instant discomfort as you try to sleep on the mattress. A mattress that’s too firm for you can put excess strain on your pressure points, especially your shoulder when you try to sleep on your side. Mattress by Size – You should choose the size of the mattress considering the bed size, number of people using it, height and width of the mattress, and the comfort required. At Duroflex, we have single, double, queen and king size mattresses available.

Memory Foam Mattress

Our testing showed that individuals of all sizes and sleep positions experience good spinal alignment on the Layla Hybrid. We attribute this to the zoned polyfoam transitional layer on each side, which supports the heavier areas of your body, such as the hips and shoulders, while cushioning your head and neck. The firm side was more popular among sleepers on our team weighing more than 230 pounds, who reported better spinal alignment and support beneath their hips and shoulders. Testers up to 230 pounds appreciated the medium soft side’s deep, pressure-relieving cradle.

Best Firm Mattress

Most owners of the Bear Hybrid are couples, and side or combination sleepers who prefer a medium-firm feeling. Mattress by Comfort Level/Firmness – Each person’s comfort level is different, and hence Duroflex provides three different variants – soft, medium and firm. The comfort level is also dependent on the sleeping positions.

Serenity Latex Mattress Set

Enhanced design with even better pressure relief for a truly restorative sleep experience. Real working modular box spring with more wire and an additional wood slat for superior support and shock absorption to help extend the life of the mattress. However, for a firmer sleep, you can flip your mattress to the support layer side. 11″ of perfect, affordable comfort and support with CoolRest® Gel memory foam. Designed & manufactured at our North Carolina facility. Engineered for cooling comfort, responsive support, and healthier sleep.

7-inch quality innerspring mattress set hand built with a one-sided design and hard feel. Memory foam is a synthetic material known for its use in mattresses (although it’s also used in bedding, shoes, and furniture). It’s soft, durable, and heat-wicking abilities provide support for aching joints and have made it popular with sleepers of all body types and sleep styles. When buying for his kids, WIRED senior reviewer Scott Gilbertson went with the more affordable Kiwi Mattress, by My Green Mattress. The Kiwi is also a hybrid mattress with pocketed springs and certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. One interesting twist that makes the Kiwi appealing for kids is the two-sided option.

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